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A full service hair salon providing a thoughtfully curated experience that meets your hair needs as well as the connection of community.

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"The craft of hairdressing found me. I was sitting in a psych class and a classmate asked if I wanted a job helping out at the front desk of new salon on the weekends. Twenty two years later I am so glad I said, "sure, why not." I did my foundation training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy for one year, tried NYC on for awhile and eventually found myself back home in Charlottesville. 

I specialize in precision cuts, curly hair,  customized color and taming the beastly greys, chatting about the everyday, a good laugh, a tissue to dab the tears and a restaurant suggestion. I love that this career still challenges me in all the best possible ways and that I am still honing my craft. I seek out education often and bring that new knowledge back to my clients - we all win!"

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"I am fortunate to spend my days in a creative structure with great people. I believe hair is a part of well-being. I help build self esteem and uplift spirits. It is a gift to get to do this work. I've studied with various artist with diverse training backgrounds - Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, Schwartzkopf, Bumble + Bumble and Graham Webb, to name a few. This collection of knowledge has led me to create a unique style in my craft. 

I LOVE color. ALL COLOR. I am well versed in painting, foiling, grey coverage and creative solutions for your color needs. The end results are eye-catching, romantic and stunning. Custom color is my expertise - trust me to help you create your very best look!"

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Maddie Haislip

“I have loved hair since I was a little girl: I knew by the age of 13 that I wanted to become a hairstylist. Getting all dolled up for any type of occasion was always so much fun. I am so thankful to be working in a career where my passion and drive comes from the simple fact that I just love what I do. I love to make women feel confident, strong, and beautiful, and I love making someone's day.

The art of balayage is my absolute favorite technique. I love to create natural looking, lived-in color. The effect that a sun-kissed balayage has is irreplaceable, and so unique to each guest's hair. There is nothing like bringing hair “back to life” by giving it brightness, depth, and shape.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to work with HairSmith&Co, and look forward to making hair dreams come true!”

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